KFC Customer Got ‘Fried Rat’ Instead of Fried Chicken In His Meal



(source: Devorise Dixon)


The next time you buy chicken from food chains like KFC, you might want to unwrap it first and check whether there’s a Mickey Mouse inside.

A customer from Wilmington, California was surprised after discovering that his ‘chicken’ was shaped like a rat. At first, he thought that it was just a weird-shaped chicken breast. But when he took a closer look as what looked like a deformed poultry meat turned out to be something between Ratotouille and a tempura.

The ‘unlucky’ customer, Devorise Dixon, took pictures of his unexpected meal and were shared on various social media sites by various curious netizens.

According to him, he took a bite on the alleged rat and noticed that it was hard and rubbery. At that moment, it made him look down at his chicken and soon realize that it did look like a rat with a tail.

Various Internet onlookers had their own speculations and suggestions as to what should be done with the ‘rat’. Some said that Dixon should’ve scraped some of the breading to know what’s beneath it (which in our opinion is both logical and disgusting at the same time). Others said that he just jumped into quick conclusion, stating that the ‘rat’ was indeed just a weirdly shaped chicken. Some also said that the tail may just be a loose chicken skin.

As of now, various Facebook users from around the world are sharing his story to spread awareness about the ‘dangers’ of eating chicken from food chains like KFC. Although the piece of meat is still not proven as if it is a rat or in fact, a chicken,  it does send the message that we should be careful about the food that we eat every day.

And this is one of the main reasons why I went vegan last year!