This Kid Suddenly Entered The Football Field, And Outcome Was Just Too Cute!

(source: RL HL Extra)


Football is one of the most rugged sports in the whole sports universe (err, I really don’t think that made sense.) Unlike any kinds of sports which you could avoid having contact with your opponents, Football requires you to tackle the sh*t out of your opponents. Because in the sport football, only the wussies lose.

Football is the kind of sport that you really want to try if you want broken bones or fractures as scars in the battlefield. And no, it’s not advisable for kids at a very young age to play football.

So why is that so? Well, if you really want you kid to suffer some concussion (or maybe some internal hemorrhage), then you are given the freedom to let your child enter this “fun” activity. But for those parents who want safety, then chess would be the best option for you.

But what if your kid just entered the football’s battlefield unarmed, unprepared, and definitely untrained. Well, then I guess you should receive Parent of the Year award… Just like the parents of this kid in the video.

Okay, well that’s just cute.

So maybe football players aren’t really as jerks, just like how movies usually depict them.

And when this brave 4-year-old boy walks (or maybe marches) the green fields of football royal, his “opponents” mock him by tumbling behind them. It’s like showing a person that he/she’s not worthy of receiving a legitimate tackle from a real football player. What a wussy!

Like seriously, at least one should give him a good tackle. I mean, that would make the run more believable, right?

But anyway, I guess the most important part of this game is that the kid actually scored a touchdown, with “no” help needed.

Oh, I guess I’ll just stick to my chess playing buddies. At least no one gets hurt with that sport.