Watch As This Cute Toddler Played Hide And Seek With A Very Curious Monkey

(source: Sherry Chute)


When I was a kid, I imagined that animals could understand what I’m saying. I thought that when I waved at them and tell them goodbye, they’ll look at me and wave back using their hands, or fins, or wings, or hooves(?), or tentacles. When I run around, I thought that they’ll chase me behind their cages. And when I’m in a zoo, I thought that animals were “interactive”. But I guess they’re not.

So yep, I got stuck on this stupid belief that baby animals are like humans. They will like to play with you if you ask them to play with you. I thought that if you smiled at them, they’ll smile back at you and might even keep you occupied for a moment.

But I guess not. They’re not that accommodative. They’re just animals who usually have their own nature and instinct. Yep, they might play with other kids, but kids with the same species.

However, after watching this vid, I realized that I might be wrong. Completely wrong. Like seriously, there’s still hope for me!

Believe it or not, this kid had the chance of the lifetime. He (was chosen by the lucky hand of fate, so he) had a chance to play hide and seek with a monkey.

It’s like every boy’s dream come true! You just played with an awesome monkey! You’re like a real life Tarzan! You’re like Aquaman, but without the water, and with monkeys.

But who cares if you’re a land Aquaman?! Just look at how this kid and the monkey behind the glass enjoyed playing hide and seek! Aren’t they adorable?

Sadly, the monkey can’t really put up with the boys energy. So after 2 minutes of mindless hiding and chasing, it sat down to rest. So I guess this kid is pretty much happy!

To the kid in the video, you are the chosen one! Be happy and be proud that you’ve played with a monkey before.