This Kid Had The Worst Day Of His Life, And I Bet You Won’t Want To Step On His SHOES.

(source: Mikkirenia)


Well, you won’t really wish to be on his shoes, especially on his feet.

Nash, a little tyke from the Michigan was just minding his own business when he suddenly stepped on something. It was something so horrible that he needs his mom and dad’s help to deal with it.

It was so damn serious that you will be in great awe once you figured out the thing that he stepped on.

Yes, it was a fresh heap pile of dirt cake, also known as POOP!

Mikki Roll and her husband were just around the porch when they heard their son scream in agony and pain.

Just like any other concerned parents, they wanted to see the reason behind their son’s problem. But then they realized that it wasn’t really that bad, so Nash’s mother decided to pick up a phone and started recording everything.

The reactions of social media are half and half when it comes to this video. Some believe that parents should’ve done something that can calm the kid down instead of recording his reactions. Others believed that the whole shenanigans wasn’t a big deal. Other also said that it’s okay for them to leave Nash like that to teach him the realities of life.

Yeah right, as if the real meaning of life is not poopy enough to begin with! This is why sometimes, we need to shrug the “dirt” off and move forward!

Life must be hard for Nash as he realized sooner that everything is not fair in this world. Poop won’t move itself to avoid your foot. Parents would record your agony instead of passing paper towels to wipe you up. Poor kid!

Nash, you’ll face a lot of problems in the future! Trust us, there’s more to life than stepping on poop!