Kid Got The Biggest Surprise Of His Life After Seeing His Dad Drive Trains

(source:  J&BNuttle Videos )


Trains are one of the most iconic locomotive machines that were ever invented on our lives. Not only do we have nursery rhymes for these babies, but they also have tons of kiddie shows, movie clichés and other important points to notice. With all of these things swarming on trains, it’s not unusual for kids to be amaze with such vehicles.

When I was a kid, it mystified me whenever I think of train drivers. I mean, how do you drive such a thing? All you have are accelerate and break buttons. Should you also have gears for shifting? A lot of these things boggled me as I try to distinguish the difference between cab drivers and them. Because when I was a child, I consider train drivers as the highest form or drivers.

But of course, my interest on trains will never be as hyped as this kid. Not only does he really love trains so much that he’ll be watching one up close, he’ll also discover that one of his family relatives is running this enormous cool locomotive engine.

Just watch and you’ll tear up with joy!

Is that dad?

That is the only thing that this kid said after seeing his dad running a very long engine train in Binghamton New York. Like seriously, his face can’t keep all the excitement! Just imagine that you’ve been watching the trains each and every day, then you discovered that your dad’s responsible to such beauty!

OMG! I’m a man and yet I’m crying over this simple feat!

For some, this is just a simple thing. Some may think that being a train driver isn’t really that much. But for a kid who really idolizes train drivers and their ability to drive tons of steel as a locomotive vehicle, then that must be something!

Keep believing, kid! And remember, keep loving your dad (and trains) until you grow up to be your own train driver!