Watching This Kid Struggling For His Hotdog Sandwich Will Make You Feel Hungry And Melting

(source: cjzerovids)


Look, nothing is worse than struggling on your favorite food. It’s just sickening when you realize that you can’t eat what you really love, normally. It’s traumatic when you soon realize that the most blessed meal in your life that you can devour for half a minute will take you half an hour to chew (or to put it inside your mouth). It’s just life being unselfish and unfair to you.

But if you’re really that hungry and you just want to overcome boundaries and limitations, nothing will stop you. You’ll just dig in to that scrumptious meal and eat it! GROMP! Now, let’s take this scenario with a good example:

So you have this delicious hotdog sandwich in your hand and you won’t let anyone get into your way. As mustard and ketchup slushed their way to your hand and made it slippery, you dug in for the treat.

And so, the hand of fate decided that it will be jackass for a minute just to see your world burn.

Yes, that’s it kiddo! Eat your hearts out – OOOPS!

He tried chewing it but the hotdog was just persistent. Of course, the kid wouldn’t get it off without a battle, so he slightly nibbled it to show authority.

But oh, the hand of fate won’t call this over! And this time, he’ll make sure that this hotdog won’t be eaten by this kid. So what it did was to let the hotdog fall.

Take that, kiddo!

But just like other kids, this kid doesn’t really even care about sanitation, germs, and food waste. He just picked it up and shoved it in his mouth.

Well, I guess that’s life huh? You just have to put it in and eat it before it gets cold.

So whenever you eat a hotdog sandwich and the hotdog fell, blame your fate. Or better yet, pick the dog up immediately and eat it like a kid!