This People Broke A World Record In The Funniest And Most Comfortable Way!

(source: laquinta)


What did you do today at work?

My mom would usually ask me that question. And I’d either go with Nothing, Ma. Just saw some videos for NewsTycoon and they’re just too weird for you to enjoy or Well, everything’s great except that I was forced to watch that creepy worm video because the internet loved it so much.

Well, that’s sounds interesting, right? I mean, what could be more entertaining than writing things about the latest and highly viral videos on Internet. But what if you were asked to lay your back on a mattress and do a human domino out of those mattresses. Wasn’t that kind of fun?

Heck yeah! That sounds fun! Imagine just lying on your fluffy mattress and looking at your store colleagues as they fumble and giggle with delight. That’s like a pre-slumber party, except that you’re in the office, you have a freaking mattress of your own, and you are freaking paid to do all these!

La Quinta, a famous inn and suite, launched a world record of becoming the world’s longest mattress dominoes. I don’t know why they thought of it since I think no one will ever try to beat that record, but it’s just fun!

Imagine, you’re just there with a fluffy mattress. You hear your La Quinta mates flop with a loud thud, and everyone is just laughing because it really is fun!

So yes, I think when my mom asked me this:

What did you do today at work?

I would definitely answer this to her.

OMG! We like beat a world record by playing some mattresses and we were like POOF! THUD! WAMO! And yes, it was so much fun mom because I just got part of a world record and I was paid by becoming an awesome person!

Okay, I think that went way too far, but screw you! A world record mattress is a world record mattress!