Some People Got So Many Free Time In Their Hands That They Created A Ford Explorer With Nothing But Lego!



When I was a kid, I would usually ask my mom and dad to buy me Lego bricks. Like whenever we visit the mall or something, I would definitely ask them to buy me buckets of Legos. And then I would just scatter them inside my house and build random stuff with them.

One of the things that I always do is to build cars. Even though my cars don’t look like one (since Lego wheels are not really available on my hometown,) I’d still pretend them to be a zooming heck of a machine. I would then put “people” in it and imagine that I was driving all the way from Kentucky to Canada. Oh I could still remember everything.

This is why when Lego started creating more cars (like maybe the F1 series,) I felt nostalgic and happy. I felt like I want to buy another bucket of Lego and just build the crap out of everything.

I think this is what the makers of this Lego Ford Explorer thought of while creating this life-size Ford car.

Just look at it! I mean, look how much detailed this car is! And even though Legos are definitely cubic in some sense, the builders were able to put the pieces together to make such awesome car.

I’m not really sure if this car moves and runs like a real car. But if it doesn’t, who cares?! It’s just freaking amazing!

Now if they’re really looking for other ideas for their next work, they might want to consider these suggestions.

  • A flying plane because it would be awesome
  • If you’re not a plane guy, maybe a flying spaceship could work
  • Maybe a submarine could work, too?
  • Or if you’re into realistic kind of locomotive, maybe a horse?

But heck, we are still satisfied with that awesome Ford Explorer! Hell yeah!