Get Ready To Laugh As You Watch This Little Girl Cry Because She Can’t Have A Boyfriend

(source: Jeff Derks)


Kids Say the Darndest Things.

If you didn’t know that, then that means you’re either too young or you just missed one of the greatest shows in your life. But if you do, then you definitely knew that kids from all generations say the weirdest and the most incredible things in our life. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised that even your kids have said something that you couldn’t imagine.

Take the case of this little girl. Like most of us, the last thing that we want to happen with our babies is them to have a boyfriend. However, this little princess said that she already has a boyfriend. As a matter of fact, she kept on forcing her parents to believe that she already has a boyfriend.

Of course, the dad didn’t like what he was hearing. So he (jokingly) objected about the idea that his little princess will have a boyfriend. As a matter of fact, the little girl exclaimed more and more until her dad put the end of their funny conversation. And the result was this…

So missy, you won’t have any boyfriend till you reach the age 50.

NOOOOOOOO! (suddenly hits dad)

I think this kid should really need her parents’ guidance before knowing the real meaning of love. With love, you could actually maybe fall with the wrong guy or something. This is definitely why this girl should be guided along the way.

But of course, you got to admit that the whole setup was pretty adorable. So you got a cute kid who looked like she was “inlove”. Even if it’s true or not, you got to be amazed at how this little girl decided to “fall in love” into someone. I mean, it’s quite rare, right?

So for this little girl in the video, good job loving other people. Just remember to love yourself first, okay?

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