This Magician Used Instagram To Wow His Audience With His Trick, But How?


(source: America’s Got Talent)


With all magicians whirling at America’s Got Talent, it’s kinda sickening to find another ordinary magician with doves, rings, a rabbit from a magic hat, and those fake-looking plastic flowers that could fit inside a magic stick. The audience wanted to see more from their magicians. They wanted to level it up, and I’m glad to say that these magicians are really working their way up.

Since were on the 20th century when technology and hullabaloos are integrate to our everyday lives, we want to see technology and magic being mixed together. We want to see social media, viral stuff and the likes being integrated with magic! But how the heck can a magician do that?

Well, one certain magician named Oz Pearlman decided to wow the audience by giving the responsibility of mind reading to his judges. Instead of him reading their minds, it will be them reading his. And with that, their mind reading skills will be tested with a jar of gumballs.

The aim of the trick was to guess the number of gumballs. The judges need to “read” Oz’s mind and guess how many gumballs were there in the jar.

Of course, one of them (almost) got the right answer. But what made this act even greater is that he used an Instagram account to “predict” the result of the judge’s mind reading. And guess what, it all came into place!

Now of course, not all judges had the right guess, that’s what they thought. What they didn’t know is that the numbers that they’ve written were actually a part of the receipt. Like seriously, those wrong guesses where actually the receipt number of the jar of gumballs that Oz bought.

And yes, it all fits into place as well.

So yes, I think we’ll have a pretty good competition with this season’s magicians of America’s got Talent.