This Guy Threw This Ball Down And Something Cool And Trippy Happened

(source: Veritasium)


Science can be a bit trippy. It’s like when you mess up with the forces of nature (or maybe meddle with the laws of physics), and you’re just really amazed because there things like those that exist. You also feel trippy when you do simple things to stuff and then it turns out great. A good example for this one is when you put a droplet of soap on a paint-milk mixture. You’ll be like WOAAAH!

Of course, that kind of trick won’t work on us. I mean, we are already adults (while some who reads this are most probably kids) and we do now have higher threshold when it comes to awe. So if we really want to be “trippy” with science like we used to, then something awesome should happen.

So, what could be a great science experiment that could surprise us? Well, just grab a ball and find a very high dam. Now, get someone down that dam to fetch the ball.

Now here comes the awesome part

For the first ball, drop it normally like you’re just dropping a crumbled paper. Take note where it landed.

Now for the second ball, drop it normally (but now, try to slightly turn it while dropping) and see how science can make you trippy within 1 minute. Enjoy!

So what made this possible?

Say goodbye to your physics teacher because I’ll teach you the awesome Magnus Effect!

To simply put it, Magnus effect is the force exerted on a sphere that affects the force acted on its axis. We know it sounds weird, but we suggest you watch the video instead to understand it more.

You should be thanking Magnus effect for that sleek curve ball from soccer plays and baseball pitches. Because if it wasn’t for the Magnus effect, these sports won’t be trippy!

Hurray for trippy science!