Don’t Mess With This Biker Cause He Can Lift Your Care With Bare Hands If He Wants To!

(source: Joe Loreto)


Cycling is a thing that most people do whenever they have the bike and plenty of free time. Usually, these people opt out other means of transportation like car, motorcycle, or trains. These kinds of people usually prefer good, clean and innocent bicycles. And when something that could hinder their travel was blocking their way, it could really infuriate them.

One good example for this one is cars parked on bicycle lanes. Like seriously, why the freaking freak are you parking your car on the side of the road were bicycles are fully accepted by the society? I mean, you don’t really expect bicycles to run with you on the street, so why lay your arse on our lane?

Then again, you don’t have any choice but to live with these jerks. You can’t really do anything about those cars. They’ll just expect you to drive around it and suffer. Like seriously, it’s like they’re stripping your right to travel.

But wait, I think not all bikers would accept this monstrosity! Wait, did he just moved the car with his bare hands? WTF?!

That guy just right there is Marcos Mohai, and he’s not your typical bike rider. As a matter of fact, you really don’t want to mess with this bike rider because he can throw away like a pebble.

On the video, Mohai saw another freaking car that was parked along the bike path. So instead of ignoring this, he put his bike down and LIFTED the car off the lane. Yes, he just lifted it like he was a super crane!

Little do that a**hole driver knew that the guy who just dragged his car was actually a six-time Brazilian Strong Man. And yes, he could punch your car and leave a very big dent on it.

But I guess this tough guy is just a biker who wants to have his own lane.

Good job, Mohai!