This Guy Started Putting A Lot of Paint And Make-Up on His Body, But When He Was Finished… WOW



You may not know it, but I’m pretty good with make-up. I started using make-up when I was a kid (relax people, I used them on my sister) and got the hang of it. I started creating contours and other stuff that any kid like me who doesn’t have any idea about applying make-up will envy. And seriously, I really owned everything when I do make-up.

And since I already grew up as an awesome woman who has a lot of make-up, I practiced more and more by watching a bunch of videos (and maybe collected pictures of people doing make-up tutorials.) And with those in my hand, I could definitely be the master of make-up.

However, I think the Internet has someone who could match my make-up prowess. Like duh, the Internet will always have someone who’s better than you at the things that you thought you are the best. And yes, this guy took make-up on another level that even I couldn’t comprehend.

So you were saying make-up, right? You were seriously pointing out those colored powder that we use to give our face a more vibrant look. But what if that make-up was used to create another face in the body? What if a guy could use make-up to create a face that looks like it had make-up on it?

Well, this guy can actually do that. And of all the faces that he could actually copy, he chose Amy Winehouse. Why? Because he can and he’s just freaking talented!

So for less than an hour, he can turn his beautiful body into Amy Winehouse’s face with make-up. And yes, he does it on his body which makes it a bit harder.

Well, I could do a simple circle on my body, and maybe contour it to make it look awesome… Right?

Aw shucks, who am I kidding? This guy owns it more!