2 Mascots, 1 Dance Floor, 4 Minutes of Epic Dance Showdown!

(source: Trend Era)


There are true rivalries when it comes to food chains. In America, you got yourself McDonalds, Chipotle or even Subway fighting over the top by providing the cheapest yet most delicious meal. But there’s a certain place in the Philippines where the battle royal is not decided by the price of their meals or the taste of their priced flagship food.

For one to be on top, you must prove yourself, by showing that your mascot got more groove!

2 certain fast food chains from this country have shown their true prowess as they let the people decide who truly deserved to be the top of the “food chain”.

Jollibee(the giant red bee with a gourmet hat) and Captain Shakeys (the red caped crusader) busted some moves in front of the crowd as they let these roaring fans decide who really owned the uhm, dance floor.

If I was the manager of these 2 mascots, I would immediately promote them. Why?

  1. With that bulky mascots on your body, how in the world could you do cartwheels and stuff? Only these guys owned it!
  2. The initiative of having a stand-off was way terrific!
  3. Our food service industry should need support and most probably, they need it too!
  4. I bet McDonald’s newest Hamburglar couldn’t dance like these fellows.
  5. Even I can’t bust some moves!

If Dancing with the Stars could have their own season featuring different mascots, then why not? I would definitely spend time watching Grimace do some b-boying.

The reason why these 2 big food stalls was built just right in front of each other was still a mystery up to this day. Who were the persons inside these dancing mascots? No one knows. Why did they suddenly engage on a one-on-one dance bonanza? Who knows why?

So is it Jollibee, or is it Captain Shakeys? You decide!