You Won’t Believe What This Meter Maid Did When The Taxi Driver Didn’t Move!

(source: DidThatJustHappen)


Aren’t people douchebags when they park on the strangest/stupidest place on the street? Like seriously, should you really park along the pedestrian crossing? And then what? They’ll be given a ticket which they usually ignore.

An ordinary citizen would really find this quite annoying. Why should anyone be a jerk when parking their cars? Can’t they obey the street rules and just park somewhere that is, uhm, legal? And even though women usually give tickets, don’t they have the right to be respected as much as their male counterpart?

Now, what will happen if this meter maid suddenly obtained super strength and maybe lifted your car? Could you still say those rude words to her like Shove it off, you ****! Or Scramp, you ***! and just giver her the usuasl look?

Well, New Yorkers were quite confused and amazed when their ordinary meter maid became the very next Hulk of Street Justice!

Here’s the hitch. There was this jerk driver who just parked his car at the wrong place. And when our lady superhero discovered that this inconsiderate jerk just disobeyed a traffic rule, she gave him a ticket.

Of course, a ticket won’t really do anything, right?

Logically, it’s just a piece of paper. But when you messed up with this lady, you’ll get more than a ticket. You’ll even get a lift!

So after some exchanges of curses, our superhero meter maid lifts the car like it was just a basket, showing that she’s not really giving a fudge over his rudeness.

And yes, the people around her were just completely astonished with everything.

Maybe after seeing her lift that car, people would realize that she is not the kind of meter maid you really want to mess with.

So if you’re the kind of driver who will just park on the street without minding if it’s really the appropriate place or not, please stop reproducing. Better yet, let these awesome meter maid crush your car like a can!