Minion Caused “Chaos” As It Trampled Cars On Dublin’s Freeway

(source:  Dónal Sharpson)


This time, the Minions proved that they’re really despicable and ready to cause trouble! No more cutesy, no more adorableness… Just pure wave of “terror”!

This week, a gigantic Minion caused “terror” as it rolled over the streets in Dublin, Ireland. This yellow gigantic monster blocked a major road, causing traffic and delay. Well, I guess Gru really did want to show the world that he’s still evil inside (despite the fact that he already saved the world twice.)

I mean, just look at that evil yellow minion waiting for that moment to squish some cars and do some “damages” on the street. It’s like you’re meeting death, except that death was objectified into a yellow iconic mainstream character that all people loved. It’s devastating, but lovable at the same time.

Well, I think it’s really hard to feel that feeling of being squished by a yellow inflatable of doom, but I think this video will give you a gist of it!

According to sources, this inflatable Minion (which we discovered was Jerry from the movie) was actually a display from a nearby fairground. Because of the strong winds, it was detached from its post and trampled on the nearby street.

People who were halted by this yellow fiend were not really that agitated. I mean, who wouldn’t like to be squished by this cute fellow? It’s like a dream come true for any Minion fanatic!

But just like any other movie, Jerry the gigantic traffic generator didn’t last that much. The police (and some help from these “terrified” civilians) worked together in deflating Jerry. It took them 15 minutes to remove the nuisance from the street.

So what’s the lesson here? Never, ever, ever trust these cute yellow Minions.

Who knows? Maybe they’re planning on a bigger scheme to terrorize us. Oooh!