This Owner Recorded His Husky For Fun, But When His Pet Opens It’s Mouth, Something Amazing Happens!

(source: gardea23)


We already featured tons of amazing pet videos here on NewsTycoon. We got dancing dogs, leaping cats, crazy birds that do some out of this world stuff. We also got fishes who wants to be petted, some weird facts about Tarsiers (you better find that one) and other animal related stuff that can simply make you smile. But usually, we have dogs. Lots and lots of dogs!

So you thought that you’ve seen them all, huh? You thought that you already saw everything that dogs can do. As a matter of fact, you are so exposed to crazy dog videos that dancing dogs will not falter you.

Well, we cannot really promise a dancing dog video again. But this one is not one of your usual dog video that doesn’t really attract views that much. As a matter of fact, it already gained more than 6,000,000 views! And now, you’re taking part of that 6 million!

I bet you’ll watch this video 2 to 3 more times. Don’t worry, we won’t blame you!

Meet Mishka, a Siberian Husky who can almost speak clearly. And unlike those other dogs, he can clearly say what he wants. Well, sort off.

But look, he clearly wants his mommy. And she doesn’t really want her owner’s love cause she only needs her mother’s love.

Believe it or not, Siberian Huskies loves to talk back to their owners. I’m not sure why, but according to husky pet owners, they really like to howl back whenever their owners are talking to them. This is why you can almost see lots and lots of “talking husky” videos on the internet.

But for us, we think that Mishka is truly the best talking Husky out there!

We love you, Mishka! And please, let us love you! We’ll bring your mommy with you if you want to.