EXCLUSIVE! Kid Tries To Rob An MMA Fighter, Ended Up Having A 15-Minute Triangle Choke!


(source: Go Tropa)


Sometimes, you’ll get so unlucky with your life that the victim who you just robbed is the one who’ll put you in a very, very, very, bad situation. And seriously, that victim whom you thought is weak and fragile is the one who will make you weak and fragile (in terms of bones and sh*t.)

For a robber, finding the perfect victim is one of the steps of successfully robbing a person. You must find someone who you think has something big. But of course, you must choose someone who you think could be intimidated easily. This is why a lot of robbers target more vulnerable people such as females.

However, this thief may want to change his perspective of weak and fragile when he actually tried robbing a MMA fighter (pretty much like Ronda Rousey.) So what do you expect?

Well, you could either successfully rob a person or just freaking have the most embarrassing video of yourself being triangle choked by a woman while begging for the police to save you (despite the fact that you’re the robber and you’re the one who did the bad deed.)

Okay, let us make this story a wee bit clearer since it doesn’t really make sense at first.

So you got yourself an 18 year old Wesley de Sousa Araujo and a friend, robbing a very “vulnerable” victim. And you really though that everything will go as you planned. But when you rob Monique Bastos (a MMA fighter who you shouldn’t really mess up with,) then expect a world of pain.

When the said MMA fighter realized that he was not robbed, she pulled him down and gave a triangle choke. The choke lasted for 15 minutes (which is seriously not the feeling that you want to have when robbing) until the police came.

Oh well, I guess you just made a very bad pick of victim. Better luck next time, buddy!