This Mom Pranked His 8th Birthday By Surprising Him, But His Reactions Were Just Priceless!

(source: Marj B)


Here on NewsTycoon, we honor those parents who definitely know how to raise their kid properly. We already featured 2 epic dads that made their sons and daughters’ lives fruitful and meaningful by creating something that can move us. We already featured a dad who puts “online shamers” to shame, and a dad that loves his daughter so much, he made her a princess.

But now, we searched the Internet for the next awesome parent that will inherit the next crown of the PARENT OF THE YEAR.

Our search led us to this video of a mom that was so frustrated and infuriated by his son’s mystery package. And yes, she interrogated him good!

Of course, the son doesn’t have any idea where the package came from. Because that certain package came from the person that he least expects.

“What is this?… It says ship to Ja’Myron Baker! What is this?!”

And yes, the look on that kids face is just like What?

Mom continued interrogating her kid with the package that has his name on it.

Does this have my name on there?”

“No? (whimpers internally)”

We guess Ja’Myron had his strength swept away from his because of fear because who the heck would not be scared if you suddenly received a package with your name on it!

Buying stuff off the tv!”

*opens the packaging while pleading for mercy*

“Now what is this? What is that? Take that out!”

*takes out the thing from the package* “What?”

And so, Ja’Myron almost crapped in his pants before realizing that it was all a set up.

“Happy Birthday, Love Mom” and then the song It’s All Coming Back To Me Now plays on Ja’Myron’s head.


Awww! The video ended with a big smile on his face and a big hug for his mom!

Congrats, mom! You just Punk’d your kid and won yourself PARENT OF THE YEAR!