You Won’t Believe What This Mom Fed To His Son When She Caught Him Lying!

(source: Supernanny)


When you were a kid and you were caught lying, what did your parents do to you? Did they punish you by spanking? Did they talk to you and had those serious conversation regarding honesty? Did they ground you and let you stay on your room for the whole day? Or did they just completely ignore it until you learn that lying is “not” ok?

Disciplinary measures differ from parent to parent. Some will hurt their children because they love them. Some will just talk to them and hope that serious conversations could fix everything. But believe it or not, some parents will go further from those boundaries and maybe do something a bit excessive.

When your kids lie, you need to show them the consequence of lying. You need them to realize that lying (especially to their family members) is not good. But in order to do this effectively, you need to do this in the most humanistic way.

Well, at least don’t do this like how this mom deals with her lying kid.

Okay, now that’s kinda odd and ugh, dangerous, to feed you kid soap when he’s lying. Even if I was that kid and my mom would feed me soap, then I would definitely be mortified by what she had done to me.

Parents, let me get this straight. DO NOT FEED YOUR KID SOAP WHEN THEY’RE LYING! Like seriously, are you out of your mind?

What if that kid died due to those toxins inside that soap? Could you tell the doctor that the reason behind is death is because he lied? Clearly, that’s not an excuse to feed your kid anything inedible.

If you really want to discipline your kid, do it in the right way. Talk to your kid and explain them what is right and what is wrong.

And please, never feed them soap!