Watch As This Brave Guy Helps A Struggling Mouflon That Got Its Horns Stuck On A Tree



Do you know Diego the Explorer from Nickelodeon? He’s that Spanish kid that roams in the forest to find any animal in trouble. He had this amazing backpack that can speak Spanish and can transform into almost anything. He also got this camera that (also speaks Spanish and) can capture images of animals. He also got his sister, Alicia, who would always help him on his adventures.

Now imagine if that was your life. You’ll just travel around the place and find new animals to help on. You have high-tech gadgets and even work with your sister (since it’s rare for you and her to talk). That would be like one of the world’s most awesome jobs, right?

Let’s reflect for a bit. Now what if you really are Diego except for the high-tech gadgets and the Spanish speaking gang? What if you are able to help animals in trouble and your sister kinda stick with you along the trail? Would that still be cool?

Look at this video and you’ll get the feel of it!

In this video, you could see a Mouflon that got its horns stuck on a small tree.

At first sight, you’ll be scared at the Mouflon. Like seriously, would you rather risk your life being rammed by that horned creature?

But the guy on the video took the risk and helped the Mouflon on its feet.

As the Mouflon struggled escaping, the guy on the video broke the branch and tried moving the confused sheep. The Mouflon thought that the guy wasn’t really helping it, running crazily to show aggression.

And after a few moments of confusion, bravery and a bit of tug-of-war, the Mouflon escaped. It ran freely across the woods.

Hurray, brave young man! Thank you for showing the world that we will do everything just to help another creature in need.

Now, your next mission is to find a talking backpack and learn how to speak Spanish. LOL!