Who Says Grannies Can’t Bust Some Moves In The Dancefloor?

(source: Fizzog Productions)


Whenever someone says the word “Grandma”, I would remember my Nana and her warm meals during the rainy season. I can still remember all the cookies that she used to bake whenever we visit her place. Every time that I sit on her warm couch, she would massage my back and tell jokes about our father. She would then give us some packed biscuits to ensure that we’re full, even on the trip back. But starting today, my idea of the word “Grandma” changed after watching a video of them dancing to a beat. And for the record, IT’S DANCING LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW.

At first, the people thought that these grandmothers were just lost in the middle of the road. But when they asked for some music, everything changed.

Like seriously, just look at how they grooved to the bit! It’s like the Prince of Bel-Air plus L.M.F.A.O combined! Now I wonder if my Nana could do something similar to this?

From the hip-hop beats of Flo Rida, to the Single Ladies jive of Beyonce, to the Bolly-tastic Bollywood dance, up until the routine finished with Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style, these grannies just did what they need to do. That is to show that they still got the moves and nobody could stop them!

Don’t you worry! They’re not real grannies. They’re just comedians with prosthetics that made them look old! They’re actually women who wore make-up, wigs and old, granny-like costumes just to show that they’re “old”. Isn’t that awesome?

So after watching this one, I eventually wondered if I’ll look like them when I get old. Will I still be as youthful as these grannies? What songs will I dance with if I had the chance to dance like crazy? One thing is for sure, twerking will be my last resort if this happens in the future!