A Couple Of Pranksters Left A Big Treasure Chest In The Middle Of The Park, But When It Opened By Itself, This Popped Out!

(source: ViralBrothers)


Now, would it be a good idea if you’re one of the greatest YouTube Pranksters and you entrusted your friend with the key to a box which you hid, almost naked, to surprise your girlfriend? I mean, do you really need to entrust the only key that could open the box which you are secretly confined because you thought you could eventually trust your friend?

We’re still back with the very famous ViralBrothers and this time, we’ll feature something that’s really funny and embarrassing at the same time. What if you were really about to surprise your girlfriend with a sexy lingerie dance by popping out from a chest, but instead, your freaking friend dragged you (while being tucked inside the box) in a public park so people could see you almost naked?

Well, we will let you decide if this prank was worthy enough of what we could call, uhm, a “friendly” kind of prank or just freaking I hate you and I will never trust you as a friend video?

Just don’t blame us if you had a stomach ache from laughing.

So basically, one of the viral brothers wanted to surprise Lenka (the name of the girl) with a sexy one piece men set. Of course, you can’t really do the trick alone if no one will cover up your chest with a paper full of hearts, so you need to friend’s helping hand.

But I guess before you could ask for his help, you must first ensure that…

  1. He’s not someone who’s doing revenge pranks with you.
  2. See reason number 1.
  3. See reason number 2 (which leads to reason number 1)

So word of advice is you really want to please you girlfriend with your manly junk inside a chest. Never trust your friend nor think of locking yourself inside a chest. Just a simple bouquet of flower will do.