These Guys Said “NO” To A Panda, And This Happened To Them!

(source: boghadeer)


Pandas are naturally cute and cuddly. They growl softly and charmingly as they chew bamboos shoots under a sunny afternoon. Just by looking at their black and white eyes, you could sense them begging for attention and love. If only we could have one right now, we could just hug it tightly until Panda love fills the air.

A lot of movies, cartoons and ads portray pandas as warm and friendly animals. They are usually adventurous in nature and would eventually go on with companions. Some portrayed pandas as food lovers, and they’ll eat everything that they see!

However, a certain Egypt ad agency changed the way people see pandas.  From being cuddly and cute, they made pandas something else. Just think of it as someone who made maples trees unrelated to Canada. I think you somehow get the point already.

Pandas are cute, there’s no doubt about this. But this ad shows that pandas are freaking nightmares! They’re silent in nature, but they’ll surely ruin your life if you don’t obey them!

This ad is used by Arab Dairy, the manufacturers of Panda Cheese. This funny ad has won many awards because of its dark, eerie but funny commercial. Admit it, you’ll probably search for Panda Cheese after watching this ad!

The commercial usually runs with a person declining Panda Cheese. After some moment, a panda will suddenly appear out of nowhere and stares at him/her silently. But after a few seconds, this panda will go on a silent rampage and destroying all objects  around them.

Just by watching it, you’ll be encouraged (or even persuaded) to buy Panda Cheese because you either love the commercial or you don’t want that big cuddly (destructive) panda to ruin your dinner. I know you want to see that panda in action, but you just don’t want to be its next victim.