EXCLUSIVE! NASA Just Captured A More High Def Image of Pluto! And It’s Amazing!

The newest image of Pluto

We all know that Pluto is like the foster child of the solar system (and like any stereotypical stories that buzzed the media, “NOBODY LIKES YOU PLUTO!”) As kids, we always look at it as a planet that’s not a planet because of its size and structure. Pluto was like the kind of kid in your school who’s very weird. You just want to tease him/her, but you really want to know that person more, too!

It took America 9.5 years to see Pluto up close. Yes, that’s like waiting for Monster’s Inc’s prequel! It’s like you’re 10 years old and you’re waiting to be 20 years old. That’s kinda long!

But after a long wait, Earth received one of the most “detailed” images of Pluto, and that’s not it! For the first time in Earth’s history, we will get more data from NASA about our small friend.

Space geeks, rejoice! We got ourselves a new breakthrough that we could celebrate on!

After almost 10 years of having Pluto as a blurred planet (like how your aunt takes pictures of you), we will be able to see Pluto like we’ve never seen before!

For now, we could see that Pluto looks like a copper-ish kind of planet with a rocky exterior. Just like our moon, it’s somehow small and has bumps for craters. Some parts of Pluto is smooth (see that white part?) while some of it were kinda rough. But who are we to judge Pluto’s appearance? He’s just downright handsome and appealing!

But of course, we expect more things on Pluto. Things like:

Sailor Pluto from the Sailor Moon Series

Sailor Pluto on Pluto
Sailor Pluto hanging out on her crib

Why not? She’s the princess of Pluto and she owns that darn planet! Maybe she’s just down there, with a rocky chair that keeps her place in the royal palace.


Pluto, Mickey’s Dog


pluto on pluto
Pluto on Pluto


So why Mickey did named his dog Pluto? Maybe because he went to space, visited Pluto and saw the pup there? Maybe because Mickey already knew the real color of Pluto and named his dog because of its color? Or maybe because Pluto is an alien? Conspiracy!

But who cares, right, Pluto? Just let us enjoy your picture and flaunt it to the planets that mistreated you!

pluto taking pics
Yes, Pluto. You’re beautiful and you know it!

(cover photo image source: jhuapl.edu)