This Baby Really Tests Her Mommy’s Patience By Doing Something Bad (In A Cute Way)

(source: AFV Kids)


Are you a stubborn person like me?

I admit that I was once the most stubborn kid on the block. My mom told me that when everyone scolds me about doing something, I’ll just do it again and again to show that one can stop me. It came to a point when they already slapped me on the hand, but I kept on stealing stuff from others (but don’t mind that, I’m just like 1 or 2 years old back then.)

Back in the old-time, my parents would stick their eyes on me. When they NO, I’d smile, look at their face and smirk a little bit. Then I’d go to where exactly where I wasn’t supposed to be (like the garbage can, or the dark, or maybe the stairs) and laugh like a little teasing kid.

Yes! For some, I was the biggest living headache in the world. But for me, I was living my life as a “thug”. Just like this cute little headache on this video.

This kid knew something might happen when he touches that glass of water. Like when he tries reaching for it, his mom would say NO!

So what will happen if I pushed this glass of water? The baby must have thought of it.

And so, let the games begin!

*moves slowly*


*nudge a bit*


*maybe just a bit more*


And this went on and on and on!

So what did the baby learned from this fun experience?

One is that adults have funny voices when you move and reach on something which you don’t really know.

And TWO, playing with your mommy is fun (especially if it’s about something life threatening or if might endanger you.)

Parents, never leave a glass of water on the edge of your coffee table! Learn from this mom! Or else, you’ll have to sing the word “NO” repeatedly, just like this mom…

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