3rd Party Confirms That KFC Fried Rat Was Not A Rat, It Was SOMETHING Else!



(source: Devorise Dixon)


Earlier this month, we created an article about a certain KFC customer named Devorise Dixon and his alleged “Fried Rat”. According to initial reports, he received a chicken that was surprisingly shaped like a rat. It was from California, and the chicken felt hard and rubbery.

Thousands of customers and concerned social media users were alarmed with this certain issue. The cases were filed as Dixon pleaded for his hungry justice. Because seriously, nobody wants to eat a Mickey Mouse Tempura.

But as time went by, Dixon’s side decided to send the sample to a 3rd party examining team to determine whether the rat was actually a real rat.

And yes, the results were finally in! *insert drumroll*

According to food tests, the “fried rat” was actually poultry meat!

Move aside false haters, the truth have been revealed! Now go and question someone’s food!

KFC told Mashable that a third-party testing center in Florida already made a conclusion with regards to this horrific case.

“Based on visual analysis of the sample (and accompanying photography) and on the results of the ELISA-TEK® Cooked Poultry Species Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Kit (ELISA Technologies, Gainesville, FL), Food Safety Net Services, Ltd. declares the battered and breaded cooked meat sample to be poultry.”

So yep, all those people wishing that Dixon’s fried lunch should be an actual rat will have to wish another star. Sorry buddy, but you’re ratifying case wasn’t really ratifying at all.

Anyway, some Internet users were still doubtful about the report, and will still stick to their decision of boycotting KFC.

However, the truth has finally been revealed.

So yeah, we should definitely buy a bucket of chicken now and enjoy it as much as we could!

And the next time you doubt your fried chicken, open it up first. You’ll save yourself from a lot of trouble if you do that.