EXCLUSIVE! Reporter Walked Out On Air After Hearing Another Kardashian Story

(source: YouHitNews)


Sometimes, you just like to sit back, relax, drink a cold beer, eat that leftover pizza from last night, and watch the rest of the news like a real adult. Like seriously, you just want to get out from the sh*tty world of the Internet and hear some very important news… Well, that’s what you think!

Instead of hearing stories about stock market, global warming, or population, you’ll hear pretty much about the Kardashians. Kardashians doing things that we almost do every day, but hyped because, well… They’re the Kardashians! And no, you can’t escape that one!

You know, viewers are not the only ones who are fed up with this kind of stories. Even the reporters who are forced to listen to these “crap” can’t really get it. Sucks to be the guys in media, right?

So if you really just want to end the Friday with a smile, then don’t report about the Kardashians.

Meet John Brown, the next newscaster that everyone will love! Like seriously, you’ll definitely love him!

After hearing that his co-reporter was going to report another Kardashian story, he walked out from the camera and ranted.

I can’t take anymore Kardashian stories on this show!

Don’t worry, John. We can’t, too. We just can’t take it anymore.

But for those K-fans out there who are still curious about the K story, it’s just about Kylie Jenner naming her rabbit “Bruce”. That’s it. Not newsworthy. Not something that could affect your life for the next 50 years. Not even rightful to have a slot on your news time. Seriously, crap!

We’re just glad that John finally explained our deep thoughts about K-stories.

So yes, I guess Good Day Orlando won’t be having another K-story for next week.

Thank you, Bruce the Bunny, for pissing a good reporter off!