Everything Was Going Alright On A Live Telecast Arm Wrestling When, POP!

(source: WeLikeSportz)


Arm wrestling is a good way to show your manliness and your toughness to lots and lots of people. Win on this game of brutes and people will definitely see you like Zeus or something. Lose, and people will still love your courage. And when this activity is shown live on thousands of viewers from their screens, your reward of manliness may grow even more!

Everyone thought that Wendell Sailor and Ben Ross’s Arm Wrestling match at The Footy Show in Australia will run fine just like everyone else. Nothing was out of the ordinary. You’d see 2 brutes clasping their hands together as a yellow string keeps their powers from overflowing. You got your 2 well-suited hosts that will most probably narrate the most “exciting” match of the night. You’ll see medical assistants standing by just for the sake of having one on the set. Yep, everything was pretty normal.

Everything was A-Okay when someone just broke his arm. Oh Snap!

A few seconds after starting the match, Ross screamed in pain as his arm bent awkwardly in front of the cam. Ouch!

Everyone just stood at their places, definitely shocked as Ross’s expression wrinkled in pain. His opponent, Sailor, backed away as he tried to grasp what’s happening.

But what about the audience?

Well, a lot of them were confused. Not even the hosts have the courage to explain the situation immediately.

After a couple of hours after, a nine centimeter metal rod was implanted on his broken ligament, together with some screws that will fix the bone fracture.

So will the fractured Ben Ross arm wrestle again? According to some reports, he will still do it! After all, accidents happen.

Folks, this is why reality shows and live telecast programs are a big hit! You may never know whose arm will break next!