This One-Baby Band Combined Aww and Amazing In One Amazing Music Video!

(source: MysteryGuitarMan)


Being a musical prodigy while under the age of 5 is not that rare on today’s generation of kids. Since a lot of musically inclined parents were already pushing (or maybe influencing) their kids on an early age, their sons and daughters quickly adapt and learn a thing or two about music. And as time goes by, the age of talented kids in terms of music making goes younger and younger.

5-year-old guitarist? Sheesh, that’s not new for us. 4-year-old musical genius? Meh, that’s still not amazing enough. 3-year-old? I mean, everyone could be like that, right? But what if a 1-year-old kid can play not only the guitar, but also the piano, cymbals, the bass guitar and so much more!

Meet JP. At first look, he’s a wee bit toddler who can only drink from a bottle and can only say MAMA and PAPA. But watch him as he owned 5 different instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano, and tambourine). And the coolest part of this is that he always smiles when he plays these instruments. Who in the world can’t see cuteness in this vid?!

And yes, he does clap too!

JP is the son of no other than Joe Penna, a famous YouTube star that goes with the name MysteryGuitarMan. His dad is a Brazilian filmmaker and a musician that creates songs with the same concept as with his son’s music video.

Well, maybe his 1-year-old son isn’t really the real prodigy of music since his kid was obviously “controlled” by a black hand of music, but we don’t really care. He’s still as cute as a nutmeg!

I guess our opening argument is invalid, huh?

Who cares! As long as the baby loves doing what his dad does (just look at his adorable smile), then we don’t have anything to worry about.

Thank you, Joe Penna, for spawning a kid that’s cute!  We hope that he’ll be as talented as you in the future!