This One-Legged Dancer Just Dominated The Dance Floor With Awesome Moves!

(source:  Clair Blogga )


Remember when you’re angry at that saleslady on a certain shoe store because they got you the wrong design for shoes? Remember the time when you’re so fed up with your stinky feet that you just want to rip it off? Or have you thought of staying at home because you haven’t enjoyed your foot spa? Kinda sucks, right?

But before you sulk there on the corner of your room, you must first know that some people would maximize and optimize what they currently have and turn it into a blessing.

Remember again when you didn’t get the right design of shoes? Now what if I told you that you suddenly lost your other foot? Would you still mind wearing a shoe?

As humans who were similarly blessed without any disability, we tend not to be thankful with what we have in life. This is why I think that this video will let you realize that you’re one lucky peep!

Meet this unnamed guy from YouTube. As you can see, he only got one leg. Yes, he’s a dancer. And as a dancer, you need to have at least 2 feet in order to perform different stunts. But this kid owned the dance floor as he used his crutches as part of his awesome routine.

His routine consisted of flips and turns with the help of his crutches. Then, he suddenly performed a helicopter spin! And when he got the right momentum, he threw them away and did an awesome, flawless head stand! WOAH!

I know… I know, having 2 working feet doesn’t mean that you can already dance like him. But with this ability to dance like a tiger, I think no words could ever describe his number.

So for all of us, let’s be thankful for what we have in life.

And for you, one-legged dancer, you are just effin awesome!