Be Inspired By Watching This One-Legged Football Player Do Amazing Trickshots!

(source: Footballskills98)


Sometimes, we immediately think of a reason that can suffice our defensive nature whenever we fail to reach our dreams. We give excuses, reasons which shouldn’t really be used by anybody whenever we did not accomplish something. And with that, it only shows that we are not really that grateful with everything that we have.

We’ve been blessed with lots of stuff. We eat 3 times (or sometimes more) a day. We have our own shelter, clothes, support and love that we need to live through every day. But you know what, we fail to optimize these gifts. We fail to be thankful enough to maximize all of these things.

Yes, sometimes, we just need another nudge to get our minds on the right track. You just have to see someone who does all these things. And I assure you that when you see this video, it will really change your life.

That is of course, if you’re really willing to sacrifice a limb.

Meet James Catchpole. He’s one of the greatest football players that you’ll ever meet.

Well, he can’t really do cool stuff just like those football players that you’ve known, but what makes him stand out is the fact that he only had 1 leg.

Affirmative, that guy you just saw had one of the greatest kills on the face of football. He can easily dribble, kick and strike the ball with just a leg.

Unlike other guys, he can easily control the balls using his stick and his only leg. And when he kicks the ball, it really flies like some professional did it

For those who doesn’t know him, he was from Oxford City Amputee that encourages people like him to enjoy football.

Besides, the game was called football. You should really expect that only 1 foot would be kick that ball, or else they should just rename it as feetball.