This Guy Was About To Get An Open Brain Operation, But His Doctors Asked Him To Do “Something” While Being Operated!

(source:  Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne )


Remember those medical operation scenes on movies where every doctor is just sweating with tension? In those scenes, no one is really speaking expect for the main surgeon who usually asks for scalpel, tweezers, towel, etc. No one dares to break the tension as it could create distraction. Every time an operation occurs, no one should make a sound.

I mean, you really need to put all your focus on your patient. One freaking sound could suddenly surprise you. As a surgeon, the worst time to be irritated by noise is when you’re holding a very sharp scalpel while fixing a live human’s brain.

Imagine if you were THAT patient. You are the one being operated, and it is your brain that is being operated in this procedure. But here’s the twist. The doctors asked you to sing while being operated.

Yep, you need to freaking reach those high tunes and sound like Pavarotti while your brain (which we all know is very freaking important) is being tweaked by your doctors.

Doc, are you even trolling me? Look, I know you really want some operatic background music while operating me, but can you just use Spotify or something?!

Well, a group of doctors asked Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne, a professional opera singer, to sing while undergoing a craniotomy to “avoid deficits after the procedure”.

So what does “deficits after the procedure” means? I really don’t know. But heck, the image of being cranially exposed while singing an operatic song makes me feel kinda squeamish.

But for those who really thought that these doctors were really trolling, you may need to calm your pants.

According to this French operatic singer, he was doing fine now since the operation (which is dated June 13, 2014).

So The next time you’re undergoing a brain surgery and your doctor asked you to dance while your brain is exposed, that means he’s trolling you.