This Girl Was So Amazed After Seeing This Amazing “Transforming” Cake!

(source: russellmunro)


Birthdays will never be birthdays if there’s no cake. You can’t really have a cool cake in your party, then kids will probably boo you for not having one. Because if your birthday has a yummy yet visually pleasing cake, then consider yourself as one of the coolest kids in town for a number of days!

When I was a kid, I only got those ordinary mocha cakes. I’m not that hater of Mocha, but a feint-tasty cake wouldn’t really be a huge impact to kids. As much as possible, they want something that’s yummy and unbelievable at the same time.

And look, getting the cake that you really want is not as easy as it looks like. You can’t have an awesome cake that doesn’t taste like rubbish. So what this dad did is he created something that will wow any kid when it comes to cakes.

He infused a pop-icon, some mud cake, and dozens of his son’s friends to create a very awesome cake that will seriously leave you open-mouthed.

So this son’s dad just had an idea to create a Optimus Prime cake. And nope, this cake is surely not your ordinary cake. It can freaking transform from a truck to a standing robot!

Hush, Transformer fans. I know you feel quite orgasmic about this cake, but you should be reminded that this cake was not really for sale!

This dad just thought of incorporating a real transforming Optimus Prime, and so he did it by using movable “skeletons” that will move the cake.

And if you’re thinking that only boys would enjoy this awesome cake, then you’re awfully wrong.

Just watch the whole video and you could even see a girl’s priceless reaction as this masterpiece moved!

Hurray, transformer dad! And thank you for showing us that your cakes are the best!