This Orangutan Can Do Simple Magic With A Great Twist of Humor

(source: Khobaib Ahmed)


Animals have a lot of ways to amaze us. From silly movements that can make us laugh, to those sweet stares that can make any hearts melt, animals will always have something to wow us. Sometimes, these creatures would even go to greater depths just to humor us in such a very unique way. Like maybe, performing in magic shows or something.

Meet this crazy orangutan. At first, no one would expect her to be an exceptional monkey. Yes, she (or a he, either way, we are not that sure) does your basic handshake and lifts. But after his owner and partner in crime handed her/him a yellow, the show came way too different and unique.

For the first time ever, I was personally amazed by the mere fact that this orangutan can carry the show b herself/himself.

Yes, at first few glance, this orangutan is just your ordinary orangutan. It can do almost all of the basic tricks that some zookeeper are teaching. But its game changing moment arrived when its owner hander it a ball to play. (skip to 0:25 to start the fun part immediately)

Well, the orangutan isn’t really that much of an entertainer. But because of its moves and great timing, its movements and simple reaction made it an exceptional performer.

It’s pretty obvious that orangutans are smart creatures. As a matter of fact, they can easily imitate actions that humans are doing. I highly doubt that a human has shown this monkey how to eat the entire ball and seal it inside its mouth. But with its timing, I bet my bananas that it will require a human being to make it possible.

Yet again, this goes to show that animals are majestic creatures that can almost do anything that we can do. All they need to do is to watch, observe, and then copy whatever we do.