P Diddy Fell Onto Stage During Live Performance!

(source: FromHere There)


The show must go on!

This is your usual performer cliché that you always remember when performing in front of an audience. Before you go out there, your teacher (or some other peep that leads your performance) would huddle you up and shout this sentence like Tarzan.

It is true that the show must really go on no matter what happens. Wardrobe malfunction? Screw that! Tree #5’s costumer is on fire? Nonsense! Someone forgot his or her line? Adlib for Pete’s sake! Even if the set is now crumbling and everyone is in danger, the show must really go on!

Well, maybe that was kinda exaggerated. But of course, that statement is kind of true, what more of you’re a multi-awarded artist that’s known for your flashy moves and swag rapping? No human-sucking floor of death could stop you from performing!

BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards’s performances was totally the bomb , especially when P Diddy “dipped” on a certain part of the stage while performing. As he was about to return towards the center stage, he fell down like Mario sinking on a pipe-line to a certain platform.

According to some observation, the platform where P Diddy sank into was the platform where Lil’ Kim rose during a Bad Boy performance number.


But just like what that irritating peep from grade school told you while acting Macbeth, the show must go on! So you better get your chunk up and perform!

With all those big artist lined-up with the same stage (like Lil’ Kim who we already announced earlier, Mase,       112, the Lox and Faith Evans), you’ll definitely root more for P Diddy because of his epic downward dunk.

P Diddy, you will still be our rapper no matter what dimension will you be sucked into.

Just make sure you return and rap for one last time!