Hilarious Prankster Runs Around Establishments With A Pac Man Costumer

(source:  Rémi GAILLARD )


I can bet my marbles that almost 90% of Earth’s total population knows Pac-Man. If you don’t know him, then I should enforce you my power of persuasion and asked you to Google him right now. And if you’re done with that, then go to this page and keep on reading.

Anyway, we all know that Pac-Man loves eating pellets and hates ghosts. He hates those colorful ghosts so much that he needs to run away from dead, or else, he’ll die. But once after he ate that power pellet, he can turn the tables around and eat those pesky ghosts away.

With such simple logic, you’ll be amazed on how a certain epic prankster could pull off a perfect prank out of that game. And yes, it doesn’t look snappy or boring unlike those pranks that can’t really make you smile.

Meet Rémi Gaillard, a French prankster who might be your next go-to channel in YouTube. And yes, he came up with this sick Pac-Man prank that you’ll definitely watch over and over again!

Gaillard was not your ordinary YouTube celebrity. Losing his job at a shoe store, he thought of doing something funny and outrageous. So he thought of doing pranks.

But unlike other pranksters, he wants it to be different. He wants it to be worth watching. He wants it to be outstanding. And you won’t get those traits if you’re depending on puny pranks.

So what he did is to create pranks that were really outrageously funny. And one of them is this Pac-Man prank.

You have your typical Pac-Man running around while being chased by these ghosts. And no matter what obstacles should Pac-Man face, he’ll just run towards it. Even if he was hit by a freaking golf club.

Merci, Gaillard, for giving us good laugh!