These May Look Like 3 Ordinary Gym Goers, But When You Found Out Their Real Identities, You’ll Be Awed!

(source: Rio 2016)


Have you ever felt grateful today, or are you like the kind of person who is not really thankful for all the things that you have right now? Are you the kind of person who wants to get fit (given that all the time and resources are readily available) and yet you are too lazy for it?

We (able-bodied individuals) are sometimes ungrateful of what we have in our lives. We usually banter and rant whenever there are things that don’t really follow to what we are expecting. And to make things worse for us, we cry or wimp whenever we lack the littlest things.

But look at those people who were not blessed like us? They use what they have in their lives to the max. They optimize everything that they have and use it as an advantage. Sad to say, they are better than us. They are better than us people who have enough in our lives.

And to prove it, a 3-man team (2 guys and a woman to be exact)  had shown their awesome abilities by blending in with the crowd. Seriously, you got to watch this!

So you got a guy with one leg, a little man who looked like he was lost, and a blind girl with a stick. And just like what we expected, they got all the preliminary judgment. But moments after, everyone was just shocked.

Little do these people know that these 3 individuals were actually champions on Paralympics. The little guy (Luciano “Montanha” Dantas) is a champion powerlifter, Vinícius Rodrigues is a champ in Athletics and running, while the blind girl who dominated a whole judo team is no other than L?cia Teixeira, a judo champ.

So who says you got the reason to procrastinate or something? Well, you better idolize these guys instead for a change!