Move Over Dentists! This Parrot Can Pull A Tooth From His Owner’s Mouth

(source:  Diário Curioso )


I just got my tooth extracted last week and the pain is still present in my gums. I can assure you that I am still drinking those pain pills that they advised me. And seriously, they still hurt like hell!

I’m not really sure why does it hurt, but I still trust my dentist. I know for a fact that my dentist a renowned dentists who graduated on a school of dentistry. He got lots and lots of certificates and awards. And the best part about his part of being a dentist? He always sanitizes everything!

But what if you got a very innocent looking parrot as a dentist? Will you trust your tooth on him? How will he be able to pluck your tooth out? I mean, a parrot’s claw could never actually grab tweezers or a scalpel. So how the heck will he pull a tooth?

Simple enough, you just have to open your mouth and let that parrot do this inside. I just hope your friendly parrot dentist doesn’t have any bird flu or something!

At first, I thought that a parrot pecking your tooth out of your mouth is pretty neat. I mean, I could just put some crackers on my teeth and let the parrot do its job. But on the second thought, I rather have that parrot know what tweezers look like.

Well, I think this tooth extraction looks kinda  innocent and safe since the bird was only aiming for the tooth. But what if the bird actually went on a rampage? That bird could’ve bit his lips, plucked his tongue out, or worse, pooped inside his mouth, blergh!

Okay, I think I rather have my gum hurt this much, rather than having my mouth filled with bird poop. Ugh!

Sorry kids, but I think dentistry should stick with humans and not with birds!

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