AWKWAAARD! This Guy Pranks Couples Who Are Making Out Publicly In The Most Amusing Way!

(source: Josh Nasar)


Are you the kind of person who is constantly bothered by people who bravely show their love in public? And when I meant by showing their love, it means they’re too mushy with each other. They’re really, really mushy that it’s very inappropriate and sickening.

You know that sometimes, love really makes us do silly things. Heck, I’ve been in love and really pushed me to do the craziest things in life. But to be honest, I’ve never had that PDA moment. I do respect our feelings for each other, but I guess showing it in public isn’t really great at all.

But despite public’s scorned perspective on PDA, a lot of couples still do it. It’s like they’re saying “F*ck your vision! We love each other and we’ll probably kiss and do mushy things in front of you to prove that we love each other!” and stuff. Like really, these PDAs are really “good” at reasoning.

But have no fear! A comedian just thought of a way to finally make those embarrassing PDAs more embarrassing for the ones who practiced it! And yes, all you need to do is to say one word!


This is Josh Nasar, a comedian who just got stuck on a subway train with a couple who doesn’t really give a heck to the public.  As soon as Nasar realized that these love birds were doing “it” publicly, he did something that might ruin the moment.

He started screaming the word AWKWARD and recorded himself as these love birds kiss each other on the background.




Soon as the girl figured out that she and her boyfriend were being humiliated by Josh, she gave a finger.

Not cool!

But in the end, Josh won the match and even got support from his fellow subway riders.

Curse those PDA doers and their powerful love! Just stay inside your house and do your lovey-loveys there!