This Peanut Butter-Covered Baby Will Definitely Make You Laugh Hard!



We’ve done a lot of silly things when were just kids, todds, and most probably tykes. All of us made our parents ashamed as we knocked over our neighbor’s statue, drank all the cough syrup, danced naked while a wedding is undergoing, and some other stuff that will definitely give us a cringe.

Sometimes, parents would just nudge it because they expect us to be weird and unpredictable. But sometimes, we tend to do things that are seriously weird and seriously unpredictable. And when they discovered our deeds, the best thing to do is to grab a camera and record the heck out of it.

In this video, you’ll see another glorious deed that no one could ever think off (except if you really love peanut butter and you got so addicted to it, you’ll probably think of doing this.) Watch as these babies (and their mum) had a very awkward (yet funny) talk about covering your brother with peanut butter.

And yes, prepare to laugh your arse off after watching this!

So you just entered the kitchen and found out that your big jar of creamy Skippy was missing. But after feeling that your kids have done something despicable, you decided to check them out.

ALAS! You just found out that your daughter has covered his baby brother with peanut butter!

And you? You just stand on your spot, puzzled, boggled, and confused as to what the heck happened?

Why? Why in the world would you put peanut butter on your little brother? What did we do to deserve this? I could hear this in my head after watching this.

Well, I guess her daughter just wanted his brother to be warm and cozy with that protein she just covered on him.

So parents, please hide your Skippy jars because you don’t want a human peanut butter and jelly sandwich running in your living room.