Meet Piff The Magic Dragon, The Funniest Magician You Will Ever Encounter

(source: America’s Got Talent)


When having birthday parties or some other celebration that includes bubbles and some guy in a black suit with a black hat, magic is one of the must haves. You can’t have an awesome party without any magician doing some obviously fake magic trick. It’s just not a part at all 🙁

Usually, magicians are optimistic and invigorating. They bring energy to the people as they swish their obviously fake magic wands. They ensure that people will have their jaw open after pulling a rabbit out from a hat. Now that’s what we call a true-blue magician!

But what if that magician is just as dry as a glass of vodka? What if that magician is as sarcastic as Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Air? What if that magician is not as fun as any other magician? Would you still get him/her/it?

You read that right. That magician is not a human… Err, rhetorically. Meet Piff the Magic Dragon, the driest (but funniest) magician in the whole wide world.

Yes, maybe you’re already familiar with his older brother… Steve, but he’s not like your ordinary magician.

Known for his dry sense of humor and funny deliveries, you’ll definitely love him (whether you like it or not).

John van der Put (the real name of our dragon friend) was originally an IT specialist before he transformed into a dragon. He was one of the youngest members of The Magic Circle, a British group of magicians.

So why the heck is he a dragon?

It all started when he was on a dress-up party and he doesn’t have anything to where. He asked his sister if she does have another costume. All she got was a dragon costume (which he regrettably wore) and went on as a “reindragon” with antlers and stuff.

So he got drunk for a bit and ended up with a grumpy attitude. People started suggesting that the should be Puff the Magic Dragon that does magic. He used that idea and went on a show as Puff’s younger brother, Piff.

And yes, the rest was clearly a history.

May your wings spread and visit us for a magic trick!