Someone Fell On This Video, But Can You Guess Who?

(source: AFV Kids)


Who doesn’t like plot twists? It’s something that keeps us glued to our favorite shows. Although you don’t really “expect” them to happen, the idea that something unpredictable will pop-out gives us that excitement. And the best part of plot twists is that they can develop any time.

Here at NewsTycoon, we already featured tons of funny videos that you can almost figure out. For example, we have those scary pranks that ensure freaked out victims. There are funny videos that portray dogs and cats doing funny stuff, but it’s rare for us to feature something unpredictable.

So my team and I searched for something that had a plot twist in it. Something that’s not too gruesome but still funny. And guess what? We just saw the video that’s perfect for those junkies who just  loves something predictable.

Of course, we won’t really spoil you. So grab some popcorn, watch the video and get ready to feel the cringe sooner or later. And don’t blame us if you’re caught off guard by this video!

LOL! A lot of us were actually rooting for their dad running awkwardly at the side, but I guess life’s really not that fair. I mean, that kid doesn’t deserve to fell that hard on the pavement.

We’re not sure if that kid was fine after that. We’re not even sure if the kid on the bicycle knew how to ride the bike during that day. But one thing’s really boggling us, who the heck was recording this video? Why the heck did he/she recorded the whole thing when her main subject was meters away from the camera? And what the heck did the recorder do after seeing the kid fall?

Well, who knows? But I guess another plot twist might come on this questions.

Now, what if the recorder was a ghost? Or an alien? Or a cow?

One thing is for sure…. PLOT TWIST!

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