Poker Face Dog Tattled Her Best Friend With Something That They Did Together

(source: Rumble Viral)


Having a best friend is the “bestest” thing in the whole wide world. You get to do things that you both enjoy doing. You are free to do stuff that’s weird enough for others to think and yet too normal for your best friend to care about. You can eat soup while using your hand, and your best friend won’t judge you for it. Your best friend can say anything to you that sounds very provocative and yet it won’t matter to you since you know that he’s/she’s just joking.

But what’s the best part of having a besty? Is it about having endless slumber parties? Is it about having your official besty t-shirt? Nope! It’s about blaming the heck out of each other just for fun.

For dogs, it’s a bugger if your doggy best friend points her finger paw at your for something that he did. And what makes it worse is that all the proof that you’re the real mastermind behind the gruesome act is just around you. Like literally around you!

Don’t have any idea? Just the video and you’ll see!

Abby (the French bulldog) and her best buddy (and sister Bull Mastiff) were ripping tissue rolls when their owner confronted them.

And just like what you’ve guessed, all the proof points to Abby.

Poor Abby

So when the owner asked Abby who did it, she just gave a cute It’s-not-me-look-I’m-adorably-innocent kind of look. But when the owners asked her sister who made the mess..

“Sorry Sis, it’s either you and me.” As if her sister said as she pointed her paw at Abby.

“Screw you!” Abby could’ve screamed those words.

So yes, it seems like you doggy best friends will let you down once everything doesn’t go according to your plan.

Don’t worry, Abby. You are still as cute as the tissue roll that you and your sister just ruined!