This Is Why You Should Never Ever Run On The Pool Side



Indoor public pools are bummers (especially those lifeguards who just sit at the top of their thrones for the whole day). It’s not that they’re always ready to save someone; it’s just that they’re always at the shade.

To be honest, I despise those teenagers that work as life guards. They always scold us (kids) when we do something which isn’t really life threatening. I can still remember that day when my older brother pulled my hair and ran across the pool. Of course, I started chasing him, but the lifeguard blew the whistle, stopping me. Like seriously, what will you feel if your brother pulled your hair. Aren’t you gonna confront him by chasing him? Ugh. But this lifeguard said no because we might slip on the pool edge.

What a bummer, right?! Ugh!

But guess what, it came to my senses that slippery pool edges are like one of the most dangerous parts of the pool. And when you slipped, you’ll definitely hurt someone! You know, just like the 3rd guy in the video.

Okay, let’s break the video down into tiny bits of events.

The first guy just blew everyone with his flip. The execution was kinda great but it wasn’t really that fancy. Kudos to this guy because he started this simple game. So if I were to rate him, it would be like 3/5 stars!

The second guy is great, too. I mean, who cares for the side flip if you can do a frontal flip! Not only does it look neat, it’s also more difficult to pull off. For this guy, I’ll give it a 4/5 stars!

Now, for the third guy. I think I’ll just let it “slip” through this topic. I just hope the girl that he slide-kicked had a very strong jaw! For the girl who just got Jacky-Chaned, I’ll give 5/5 for the jaw!

So I guess we really need to listen to those lifeguard jerks, huh?