This Father Brings His Kid To His Drift Session, And The Kid’s Reaction Was Just Priceless!

(source: Toxa Avdeyev)


When it comes to father-and-son bonding, I consider my dad as one of the best. He would always bring me to some awesome places that I’ve never been before and buy me some cool souvenirs. He’ll then buy those cheap but delicious meals instead of those pricey hickeys that don’t really taste good. And the funny thing about here is that he knows how to make me feel good without spending too much money.

In today’s father-and-son bonding activities, it’s rare to see kids enjoying what their fathers have brought them. Usually, you’ll see them playing with their phones or just listening to some crappy music as they ignore their dads. And yes, this saddens me much.

But this video, oh this video brings back what bonding activity should be like!

Just watch the video, watch it with your son or your dad, and tell him that you’ll definitely have the time of your lives like them. It’s just plain funny and cute at the same time!

Anton Avdeyev, a professional drifter, does a yearly tradition of taking his son in a drifting session.

I mean, if you’re a son of a professional drifter, then you should be okay with that, right? I mean, drifting shouldn’t be a surprising experience for you, right?

Well, kinda. That is if we base it on his reactions as his dad cranks the lever. Just by looking at Timofey (the son’s name), you’ll definitely feel what it feels like to be like that.

If I was that kid, I would scream my lungs out and yell DAAAAAAAD! YOU’RE THE BEEEEEEEST!

It’s like every kids dream to ride a drifting car. Ugh! This kid is living in a dream where every other kids are just sitting here and watching Dora the Explorer or something.

To this kid Timofey, you’re one lucky kid! Your dad’s a keeper!