His Daughter Wanted to Become A Princess, And How He Made It Possible Will Surely Surprise You!

Jeremiah Heaton and the Flaf of 'Kingdom of North Sudan'

For a woman to become a princess, she must live on a fairy tale, marry a prince, or be a daughter of a queen. But for Emily Heaton, 7 years of age, all you need to do is to have the most awesome father.

Her dad, Jeremiah Heaton, promised to her daughter that he will make her a princess. And for that to become a reality, they must have a kingdom of their own. And to have a kingdom of your own, you must find a land that isn’t owned by any country or government. But where else could that place be?

The answer? A piece of land that was never owned by anyone, located on the borders between Egypt and Sudan.

Jeremiah’s search concluded with Bir Tawil, a trapezoid-shaped. Lucky for Emily, no one wants to claim the barren stretch of land. But why wouldn’t anyone want to have this free patch of dirt, sand and freedom?

One would immediately think that Egypt or Sudan would’ve grabbed it already, but there’s a bigger twist when either of these two big nations “owned” Bir Tawil.


Man with a map
Man with a map

If either Egypt or Sudan claimed this piece of land, they need to give a portion of their already “useful” land, and leaving Bir Tawil as a no man’s land. And with that, Jeremiah decided to own the land, successfully making her daughter a princess.

As a dad, seeing your daughter happy is one of the best achievements in life. This is why he travelled 6,000 miles just to claim his state (which covers up 2,000 sq km of land), which is now named “The Kingdom of North Sudan.”

So why did Princess Emily wanted to become a princess badly? Her answer? It’s because she wanted to help people by changing the country into a garden which can feed other people. That’s just what every princess wants, right?


Princess holding a cat
Princess holding a cat

As of now, Jeremiah knows that Princess Emily’s wish is quite impossible since the land is composed of dried soil, rocks and sand. But he insisted that this is possible with the help of today’s science breakthroughs. As of now, hundreds of scientists from all parts of the world are supporting his cause.

Many of today’s princesses have most probably lived a prosperous life as they grow. Of course, some of them would eventually receive the responsibility, but we believe that there would be no other better princess that Princess Emily herself. Even for a very young age, some of us will believe that she will be a great queen in the future!


Disney Princess
Disney Princess


So can “The Kingdom of North Sudan” stand tall between Egypt and Sudan? Can his Princess’ wish of helping people turn into reality just like her wish of becoming a princess? For a dad of 2 sons and a daughter, he’ll do everything make his daughter’s wish come true. That’s what we call the power of fatherly love!

(cover photo image source: Washington Post)