Privacy Policy

This privacy policy includes how News Tycoon Inc. treats each information sent to them by its viewers, users and readers. All information sent to the company (may it be from your messages or submitted posts) will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Rest assured that all information were treated and processed according to this policy.

We do not sell this information from our users to third parties that we have no control of.  We may however share this to other third parties that works with our such as analytical tools for measuring visits, engagements, etc. that will improve user experience on our website.

Sending us information will automatically imply that you, as a user, have read and agreed to News Tycoon’s privacy policy.


Data Collection and Usage

Our company can collect the following information from our website visitors.

*Email Address

News Tycoon Inc. may ask to collect our viewer’s email addresses from on-site messages or from subscriptions. We may send press releases, newsletters or even updates to these email addresses. In the event that subscribers wish not to receive these updates, they have the option to unsubscribe to News Tycoon.

*User Contents

Contents generated by users (such as comments and submitted posts) may be stored on our data base indeterminately.  We may show the original author of such contents as long as it abides the laws under certain jurisdictions. News Tycoon has also the right to disclose authorship of some contents to other third parties.


Browsers automatically generate information about your activities when browsing through our site. These “cookies” are sent to our database for us to improve your user experience with our site. Cookies may contain your IP Address, clicked links, and an account that may be generated by our site that will be used for collection of data. Again, this personalized information is treated with utmost confidentiality. You can also deactivate your browser’s cookie system on your browser’s settings.

*Third Party Information

Third party vendors such as partner websites and Google may use cookies to that will serve as guides or basis for ads and records prior to your visit. Once you’ve clicked on the links and the ads on the site, it will immediately register to our partner’s analytics.

Do take note that this information gathered from your site activity will only serve as a  record for our third party’s analytics.


Changes in Privacy Policy

News Tycoon Inc. has the right to change and update its privacy policy from time to time. Users may be informed by these changes through email or by announcement. Users should still remember that they are bound to any changes done on News Tycoon’s Privacy Policy even after some changes are applied under this policy.


For questions and concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you could contact us by sending a detailed message to