This Cute Pug Is Definitely Your Animal Spirit When You Just Want To Relax

(source: Danny Sam)


Aaaah, hot tubs!

To me, hot tubs are a gift that the Almighty sent to us to give us credits for our job well done. It’s a thing that is really hot, but tolerable. It’s sort of an irritating experience that you just want to happen again and again. Yes, it is as hot as heck, but the heat is just so soothing that you just want it over and over again.

People love hot tubs. After working so hard at work (or maybe after that long and boring day at school,) you just want to be naked, sit back, and submerge yourself to that relaxing hot water that’s hot enough to hard boil an egg. But does that matter to you? No, it doesn’t because it’s a freaking hot tub!

And guess what? We are not the only ones who loved that sinful ceramic masterpiece. Believe it or not, some creatures love drenching their own body with this heavenly bathing paraphernalia. Say hello to this cute little pug!

Oh yes, you can almost feel him snug up a bit after feeling that warm sensation rising up to his back.

So who the hell cares with hot water if you can still enjoy that warm and relaxing feeling while you feel those warm bubble popping on your skin. Like as if you really care when you feel kinda uncomfortable after staying for more than an hour because your skin felt wrinkly.

Just look at this dog! Can’t you see that it’s experiencing the bliss? It’s like your chasing 1,000 bouncing balls, except that there are no balls, just bubble, a tub, and hot water.

So dog owners, don’t buy any more of those chew toys when you can just take a hot bath with your dog on your rarely used tub!