This Dog Carrying Its Puppy On A Plastic Bag Will Surely Make You Love Dogs More!

(source: Pixelated)


Dogs are definitely one of the smartest creatures on the face of the planet. They can do stuff on their own without the need of their owners. Sometimes, they could even finish their own stuff just by instinct and creativity. This is one of the reasons why some people are more of a dog lover rather than a cat lover. And I admit that I’m one of those people who loved dogs because of this trait.

Sometimes, they would go overboard with their ideas. On other times, they would simply copy what humans would normally do. And then, they would insert some doggy twist in it so that they could actually do exactly what we do.

Dog intuition is something that we humans should always copy. I mean, dogs are not really that close to a human being in terms of the ability to think, but they’re just freaking awesome to watch when they show their geniuses.

One of the things that prove this point is this vid. And I must warn you, this video may seriously melt your heart and force you to hug your dog once you get home.

Oh look, a Mama Dog carrying her puppy with a plastic bag. There’s nothing to see here, people! There’s really nothing to see here!

But seriously, I think only dogs could ever think of carrying their own pups on plastic bags, just like how we humans carry our stuff from the market or something.

And just by watching this video, you can already feel that your heart is already melting with joy and compassion. Like seriously, are you not human enough to feel that this sighting is just plain adorable?

This shows that his mama dog loves him so much! Awww!

You are one lucky puppy because it’s not every day for pups like you to experience your mother’s love through something that’s recyclable.